Silhouette Spotlight: A-Line Wedding Dresses

A classic silhouette for the traditional-meets-romantic bride, A-line wedding dresses are quite possibly the style you’ll want for your wedding day. Completely figure-flattering, A-line gowns can be worn at any celebration. From gowns that are slightly boho to styles that bring the glamour, there is an A-line wedding dress for every bride! This universally flattering silhouette look works great with so many body shapes.

A-line dresses can be strapless or have straps, they can suit little jackets or boleros, can have a few layers of light chiffon or tulle, or can be much heavier with lace or appliqué.

TOP TIP : If you prefer a slighter fuller look, a hooped petticoat underneath can be a great advantage. It creates the perfect silhouette you are after, whilst keeping the layers out from in-between your legs – making it cooler and easier to walk in!

You don’t have to have a train with this shape. If the dress you fall in love with has one but you don’t like it, you can have it reduced or removed completely, or a bustle added so it can be gathered up and tied beautifully in the evening leaving you to dance ‘hands-free’!

Some excellent perks of an A-line gown: no VPL so choose whatever underwear you want; Worn with a petticoat they can be very cooling and let the air move around your legs (super handy if you’re marrying in the summer and wanting to avoid getting… ahem, a little sweaty…); They also hide any lumps or bumps from the waist down so great if you aren’t confident about your hips or legs, or not wanting to show off too much shape.

You can also have your dress cleaned and boxed afterwards so you don’t have to worry about where to hang a dress with so much material afterwards! They can be folded and condensed into really gorgeous boxes with acid-free tissue to be kept safe and clean. We have companies who we can highly recommended to you for this.

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