So you’re looking for a wedding dress?

Finding your Wedding Dress in Cambridge
Top tips on finding your wedding dress

Where to start? Have a look online and get an idea of the styles you are drawn to, however keep an open mind that what you might like on-screen might not suit you (also bear in mind it’s on a 6ft tall size 6 model). I love lace sleeves but they looked ridiculous on me.

Book an appointment at a wedding dress shop. You can look at Pinterest for hours on end but until you try some on you won’t really know what looks good on you, unless you regularly wear boned corsets, princess dresses or dresses with trains and thick fabrics.

Now this bit is really important – don’t bring too many people with you, but bring 1-3 trusted opinions. DO NOT try please all of them because this is YOUR wedding dress, not theirs. I chose the one my mum loved when I had it narrowed down to two. My brother said the other one was more ‘me’. I listened to my mum and ended up in a dress which wasn’t very me and I wish I’d picked the other one!

Don’t listen to anyone who tells you that you’ll know when it’s the right one. Or that the first one you try on can’t possibly be ‘the one’. Everyone is different. Many brides have chosen ‘the one’ at the first shop they went to, sometimes even the first dress they tried on. Others visit 10 shops, try over 100 dresses and get very confused but eventually find one after much deliberation. Do what suits you. Don’t feel pressured into not getting it because you haven’t shopped around enough, equally don’t feel pressured into getting one you aren’t 100% sure about.

If it’s a good wedding dress shop, it will have been around for a long time and you’ll get good advice from them. Recommendations from other brides are really important so do your research online. Do not risk going to a shop with bad reviews. There are enough bridal shops around for you to avoid those ones!

Next excellent tip… wear good underwear because you’ll need hand getting in and out of a wedding dress! Some need to go over your head, some you can step in. A good bridal consultant will guide you through their collection and help you get dressed and accessorised with them.

Enjoy the experience. Don’t be intimidated, the sales assistant should all be very friendly and make you feel welcome. If they don’t, leave!

8 Top tips for making your wedding dress shopping experience memorable;

  1. Choose your most trusted (not most opinionated!) people to accompany you
  2. Know your budget before you go to save any embarrassment of falling in love with a dress that’s £££ more than you can afford
  3. Wear nude underwear & maybe a strapless bra
  4. Don’t go to more than 2 shops in a day and leave yourself time in between.
  5. Book an appointment, don’t just turn up
  6. Give yourself time. 9 month before the wedding is ideal for ordering a dress. Less is possible but maybe more stressful!
  7. Research the shop online first
  8. Have some pictures saved on your phone for what styles you like

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